My first rap battle.

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Haha his birthday (pan) cake!

Happy 1st birthday to our little tornado!

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With all my heart I cannot respect people who drink and drive. Because it’s 100% preventable and fucking selfish

Jesus christ, watch the video, it’s heartbreaking…..their medical bills are OVER SIX MILLION DOLLARS. I can’t even imagine this…not doing anything wrong, just get hit by some piece of shit who was driving drunk and suddenly your entire life is ruined…dear god I can’t even imagine. This is horrifying and heartbreaking.

I never have respect people who drink and drive.

If you drive even remotely intoxicated, I don’t respect you, no matter the distance you drive. How anyone can think its reasonable to do this I do not understand.

as someone who used to be a camp councilor and a spokesman for teaching kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse i know all about how much one stupid action can destroy peoples lives. its haunting to know that a stranger can destroy a family and even scarier to know that these actions are barley punishable in comparison to the victim or the victims family. 

please drink responsibly. please do not drink and drive. please dont let the people around you drink and drive. 

I know someone who drank and drove, almost costing a friend of mine her life. But, everyone looks past it. I never will.

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